The change in the DEFRA rules for bringing animals into the UK as of January 2012 will make it far easier to bring in new bloodlines. Kittens will need their course of core vaccinations and at three months old the Rabies vaccination 28 days later they will need an antibody test and if this is satisfactory the kittens can come into the UK.

It is going to be very important to establish the ancestry in the pedigrees to ensure we don't bring back too many English bloodlines thereby reducing the amount of "new blood" coming into the UK. It will be impossible not to have a certain amount of UK cats in the Pedigree but the further back and the fewer there are the better. This is where the World of Birmans database can help. We have a vast number of cats in the database so it will be quite easy to do some research looking at the ancestors in a given pedigree.

If we have the cat in the database or you send us the pedigree to add you could do trial matings to see what the reduction of inbreeding with your own cats would be.

 By logging into World of Birmans at 

 you can see the ancestry behind the kitten you wish to import.