The basics you need to know when purchasing a kitten.


1.  The pet quality kitten males or females.

These kittens are registered on the Non Active Register with GCCF which means the kitten is not to a high enough standard to be bred from. There are a number of reasons for this  the feet markings not good enough, eye colour not quite perfect. The kitten may have either white or dark spots in the wrong places. Breeders sometimes do test matings for one reason or another and the kittens from these matings are not suitable to breed from. Any of these can be reasons why the kittens are sold as pets.

2.  The Breeding Quality Kitten

This kitten will be registered on the Active Register with GCCF This kitten has all that is required to be suitable for use as a breeding queen. She may have some imperfections but she will be of sound quality good enough for breeding. You will expect to pay more for a breeding queen. Entire breeding queens can be very vocal when on call and they can spray urine although it does not have as pungent a smell as a male.

3.  Show /Breeding Quality Female kitten

This kitten will again be registered on the Active Register she will have the best possible type and be very close to what the Breed Standard requirements are. She will be the most expensive kitten to buy. Also if you are looking for a Show/ Breeding quality kitten you may have to put your name down with a breeder of your choice to get one. You may have to wait quite some time anything up to  two years to obtain such a kitten.

4.  Stud Cat

These are the most difficult to purchase. A stud has to be as near perfect as possible as you want him to pass on the best traits to his kittens. A stud cat needs special treatment as they can be very vocal especially during the breeding season and some cats spray foul smelling urine around to mark their territory. For this reason they usually need a purpose built stud house and run. Most breeder will not sell a stud to anyone until that person has been breeding cats for a number of years and has gained experience.

5.  Things you need to check 

Always ask to see the mother of the kittens. Make sure the breeder gives you a copy of the kittens pedigree. To make sure the kitten is registered as a pedigree kitten you will  need the GCCF transfer of ownership document ( pink slip). Never purchase a kitten less than 12 weeks old. Make sure you get a proper veterinary vaccination card and that the kitten has completed a course of 2 sets of vaccinations. Make sure the kitten does not have either weeping eyes or a runny nose. Make sure the rear end is clean with no sign of diarrhea. Check to see that the ears are clean with no smell or dark brown discharge inside the ear canal. Do not accept a kitten that


 is on any kind of medication. Most reputable breeders also give 6 weeks insurance with the kitten.


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