Our names are Alwyn & Ted Hill and we live in the heart of the Cotswolds with our family of Birmans. 


On the outskirts of our village is a hill called Chosen Hill and on top of this hill stands the very old church of St Bartholomew. Long before the church was built there was a pagan temple on this site and artefacts from this temple have been found very close to our home.




 The idea for the name of our cattery Chosenhill and the logo came from this historical base added to the Legend which surrounds the Birman cat. In the picture below you can see Chosen Hill with the range of Cotswold hills in the background. At night there is always a white light shining  from the top of the church tower and this can be seen for many miles around as one travels in the valley of the river Severn.


 Our cattery was started in 1996 when we purchased our first seal point Birman as a pet. We were so impressed with the Birman that it was not long before we bought our first seal point breeding queen Dubrova Bellaroma. A few years later were able to obtain a blue point male Ch Dijati Bluebayou and in November 2003 we imported a French stud INT CH Nerval de L'IrisDoree. to add new blood to our Birman lines. Later we imported another male Zoltan van Minou Bloe from Holland.


We particularly love the seal and blue point Birmans and we bred them. However after reading about how the red gene had been introduced into the Birman cat, we felt we would like to try and produce two new lines for red series Birmans by using a cream Colourpoint Persian and a red Self Persian. We did a lot of searching to find the cats we wanted to use. We began collecting pedigrees for these breeds and did masses of research into their ancestry. We had already collected many pedigrees of ancestors for Birmans so we knew most of their ancestors already.


Eventually collecting pedigree information became a serious hobby for us. We wanted to share the information we had with people who do not have the time or facility to produce large databases so in 2008 we launched World of Birmans website and database onto the internet.




Having recently purchased two Colourpoint Persians we have added a Persian Database which we hope to expand over time.






You can contact us on Tel 01452 712960


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