Swab samples form for UC Davis

from USA/Australia/ New Zealand




  Phone No:




 Registration No:



 Date of Birth:



To take a swab sample you will need cotton buds Please remove the cotton from end

1        Make sure the cat has not eaten or drunk for 30 minutes before taking the mouth swab.

2        Rub and twist the cotton bud along the inside of your catsí cheek for about 10 seconds.

3        Air dry the swab for about 30 seconds and place in a paper bag or envelope.

4        Repeat the above process using a second cotton bud

5        Write the cats name clearly on the envelope then seal it

6       Copy and complete the form.

7        Tape the Envelope to the form along with a copy of your catís pedigree.

8        If you are going to swab more than one cat please complete the process for each cat separately.

9     Place all the samples and paperwork into a larger envelope and post to.

Dr Leslie Lyons

1114 Tupper Hall  PHR:SVM
One Shields Avenue
University of California - Davis,  

Davis, CA   95616